Stroke Care and the COVID19 Pandemic: La situación que lo está cambiando todo

En el siguiente enlace de la World Stroke Organization (WSO) podréis encontrar experiencias de reputados neurólogos dedicados al ictus en diferentes países alrededor del mundo.

Muy interesante la aportación de la Dra. Valeria Caso, desde el Hospital Universitario de Perugia:

«On March 20th, they reported the analysis of the first 3,200 deceased patients. Based on the presence of other comorbidities, patients were divided into those who had died with, and those who had died due to COVID-19. Only three deaths were classified as being due to COVID, while the remaining were classified as deaths with COVID-19. The mean age was 78,5 (median: 80, Range 31-103, Range InterQuartile – IQR 73-85), whereas 30% had ischemic heart disease, 22% AF, 73,8 Hypertension, and 33% Diabetes Mellitus. When I saw these data, I realized that these are my patients, the ones who I treat with thrombectomy, thrombolysis, and Stroke Unit Care. For these patients, I have dedicated the last twenty-five years, done research, and traveled the world attending conferences to convince stakeholders to invest more seriously in stroke treatment and prevention. We have greatly improved the prognosis of these patients with dedicated stroke treatment, giving many of them a second chance at life. It is totally misleading to claim that these patients died with, and not due to COVID-19. COVID-19 cut short their life-expectancy dramatically and pushed all our efforts back before dedicated stroke care was set up

El Dr Liebeskind, desde UCLA Comprehensive Stroke Center, Los Angeles remarca entre sus observaciones «There were many lessons learned, including the simplest conclusion, that any protocol will not work in all cases»


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